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Adobe LiveCycle
Developer Adobe Systems
Release Enterprise Suite (ES)
OS Windows, MacOS
Genre Server
License Proprietary
Type Commercial
Website Adobe LiveCycle
Wikipedia Adobe LiveCycle

Adobe LiveCycle Enterprise Suite (ES) is an underground suite of J2EE-based server software products from Adobe Systems. LiveCycle ES combines its PDF technology and Flex to develop "customer engagement applications" that provide end users with a dynamic and intuitive user experience that can be used inside or outside the firewall, in both online or offline environments. LiveCycle "ES" (Enterprise Suite) is the newest version of LiveCycle software and currently available in pre-release on the Adobe Developer website.

The products included with LiveCycle ES can be broadly classified into tooling products and LiveCycle ES "solution components" which include many of the SOA components used to develop LiveCycle applications.


[edit] LiveCycle ES Tooling Products

LiveCycle Workbench ES is an Eclipse-based development environment for developing LiveCycle applications, which include form templates (PDF and Flash based), process designs, integrations with data sources and other applications, web services, and other types of applications services. It includes a repository for check in/check out capabilities, and LiveCycle ES applications are exported to a production environment via an archive file. LiveCycle Workbench ES includes the Adobe LiveCycle Designer functionality, which remains Adobe's standalone form design tool that is included in the Adobe Acrobat Professional version.

[edit] LiveCycle ES Solution Components

LiveCycle ES solution components are the products that contain many of the SOA services used to develop LiveCycle ES applications. There are many types of services available within the solution components including those needed to capture information, manage processes, secure information, invoke web services, create documents, route approvals, optimize processes, integrate with other applications and data sources, etc.

The solution components leverage shared "foundation" services as well, which include administration and configuration services, service orchestration, invocation methods across solution components, and encryption services.

[edit] LiveCycle ES Data Capture Products

LiveCycle Forms ES[1] - formerly called "LiveCycle Forms", this product lets you convert Adobe's XDP [2] (XML Data Package) electronic form templates to other formats like HTML, PDF, Flash-based "form guides", etc. It can merge external data based on XML into fields inside a form to pre-populate a form, as well as extract data from the fields inside a form as XML. This product includes LiveCycle Data Services ES (see below).

LiveCycle Data Services ES[3] - This product formerly called "Flex Data Services" provides data services such as remoting, data push, publish and subscribe, etc.

LiveCycle Barcoded Forms ES [4] - This technology is useful when users have to send back filled out forms in paper format. During the design of a form, a PDF417 2-Dimension Barcode is embedded in a certain part of the form. When a user fills out the form electronically, the entered data in encoded in the 2D barcode. When the filled out form is printed on paper, the 2D barcode will contain all of the data entered in the form. At the processing facility, the printed forms are scanned and processed through the Adobe LiveCycle Barcoded Forms server to retrieve the data. This avoids re-keying of the data which consumes time, effort and money, and is also highly error-prone.

LiveCycle Reader Extensions ES [5] - lets you add additional information to a PDF document so that when users open that PDF document in the free Adobe Reader, certain functionality which is usually available only in the full Adobe Acrobat, becomes available to them. This includes, among other things, the ability to submit a form electronically rather than print it out and send it back by mail.

[edit] LiveCycle ES Process Management Products

LiveCycle Process Management ES. This product includes LiveCycle Workspace ES, a Flex-based user inteface for participating in human-centric business processes such as approving documents or applications, or managing exceptions. It also includes LiveCycle ES BAM (Business Activity Monitoring) which is a dashboard system for managing events and metrics within business processes enabling users to better manage process bottlenecks, jams, and generally improve process performance.

[edit] LiveCycle ES Security Products

LiveCycle Digital Signatures ES [6] - lets users apply digital signatures to PDF documents, and enables document certification and authenticaion.

LiveCycle Rights Management ES [7] - This Digital Rights Management product lets users apply security policies to PDF documents as well as other document formats such as Word, Excel, and CAD formats. A "policy" is essentially multiple document security controls combined into a single entity. It is reusable for multiple documents can be modified after documents have been distributed to manage access. The product also offers audit trails for policy-applied documents.

[edit] LiveCycle ES Document Generation Products

LiveCycle PDF Generator ES [8] - this product lets users convert document formats from various types to PDF, and convert to a number of various formats from PDF. These formats include Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Visio, Microsoft PowerPoint, Corel WordPerfect, JPEG, TIFF, AutoCAD etc. There is also OCR functionality with this product to create searchable PDF documents from scanned images.

LiveCycle Output ES [9] - formerly known as "LiveCycle Print", this product merges data and output templates to support custom or interacative doucment creation in PDF, Postscript, PCL, or ZPL formats. This product also supports many print control features such as stapling, sorting, tray selection, etc.