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Here'a you can find different software which handles Flash and Flex, AMF etc. This list will extend over the time and it's just an overview over tools which can be used to analyze, test apps and get a better understanding what Flash is capable of. (#TODO: adding short descriptions, adding articles)


[edit] Protection

[edit] Browser Plugins

[edit] Player / Clients / Runtimes

[edit] Open Source

[edit] Non Open Source

[edit] Remoting / Server

[edit] Open Source

[edit] Java

[edit] PHP

[edit] Python

[edit] Ruby

  • RubyAMF: Flash Remoting Gateway
  • SSR: Remoting Package for AS3

[edit] .Net

[edit] Perl

  • AMF::Perl: Implementation of the AMF protocol

[edit] C++

  • Cygnal: Flash Media Server-compatible audio and video server from the Gnash project

[edit] Pascal

[edit] haXe

[edit] Non Open Source/Commercial

[edit] Java

[edit] .NET

[edit] Unknown

[edit] Generators

  • Macromedia Generator
  • swfmill: Command line XML to SWF to XML processor
  • Ming: C library for creating SWF files
  • JavaSWF2: Java-based SWF parser and generator
  • JSwiff: Java framework for Flash file creation and manipulation
  • JGenerator: Java-based Web Application Server
  • Swift-Generator: Dynamic Flash content generator
  • eswf: Erlang-based SWF manipulation and generation library

[edit] Security Analysis

[edit] Validation

  • flash-validators: ActionScript 2.0 and ActionScript 3.0 data validation libraries

[edit] Proxies

[edit] Compiler / Assembler

[edit] From Adobe

  • asc.jar: ActionScript compiler
  • fcsh: Flex Compiler Shell utility
  • mxmlc: Compiler for MXML
  • compc: Tool to compile SWC files
  • Adobe Alchemy: C/C++-to-ActionScript Compiler/LLVM Backend

[edit] Other

  • MTASC: Open-source ActionScript 2.0 compiler written in OCaml
  • haXe: General-purpose, high-level, reflective, object oriented programming language, containing an ActionScript compiler.
  • FlashCommand: Command line compiler for Flash MX 2004 Pro

[edit] Decompiler / Disassembler

[edit] Free/Open Source

See also:

[edit] Commercial

[edit] Obfuscation/Scrambling

[edit] SOL Editors

[edit] Meta Data Reader/Editors

[edit] Logger

[edit] Debugging

[edit] Dev Tools / IDEs

[edit] Encryption

  • ActionCrypt: Modular class library for encoding text
  • AS3Crypto: Cryptography library written in ActionScript 3

[edit] SWF Reader

[edit] Other