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Developer Marc Noirot
Release 1.0.1
OS All Platforms (Portable C)
Genre Meta Data Editor
License GNU GPL v2
Type Open Source
Website FLVmeta @ Google Code

FLVmeta is a metadata injector for Adobe FLV video files.

The package contains two programs:

  • flvdump, an utility to print all informations about an input FLV file
  • flvmeta, an utility to inject an onMetaData event in FLV files, as well as the onLastSecond event

The flvmeta utility is able to compute almost all known metadata tags, including the keyframes list.

The main goal of this program is to write an alternative to tools like FLVTool2. It is written in portable C, and should compile on most platforms (it has been successfully compiled and tested on Ubuntu Feisty, MacOSX 10.4, and Windows XP).

FLVmeta is fast and has a very small memory footprint.