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Release 0.3.1
OS All Plattforms (Python)
License MIT licence
Type Open Source
Website PyAMF Wiki
Documentation PyAMF Wiki

PyAMF is a Action Message Format (AMF) decoder and encoder for Python (2.3 and newer) that is compatible with the Flash Player 6 and newer.

The Adobe Integrated Runtime and Flash Player use AMF to communication between an application and a remote server, like Twisted. AMF encodes remote procedure calls (RPC) into a compact binary representation that can be transferred over HTTP/HTTPS or the RTMP/RTMPS protocol used by the RTMPy project for example. Objects and data values are serialized into this binary format, which is generally more compact than other representations, such as XML.

AMF3, the default serialization for ActionScript 3.0, provides various advantages over AMF0, which is used for ActionScript 1.0 and 2.0. AMF3 sends data over the network more efficiently than AMF0. AMF3 supports sending int and uint objects as integers and supports data types that are available only in ActionScript 3.0, such as ByteArray, XML, and IExternalizable.