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Developer Ben Chun
Release 0.3.1
OS All Plattforms (Java)
Genre Server
License GNU LGPL
Type Open Source
Website flosc Home

flosc is a Java server that can communicate with anything that uses the OpenSound Control protocol.

This includes software audio synthesizers like Max/MSP, Reaktor, and SuperCollider, and hardware like Lemur and SmartController. It can also communicate with Macromedia Flash (versions 5 and later) using Flash's XMLSocket feature. flosc acts as a gateway between OSC and Flash, allowing messages to go in both directions. This enables many combinations of powerful, programmable platforms for high-quality animation, audio, video, and interactive production. flosc can accept simultaneous input from multiple OSC connections and Flash clients, and can broadcast messages to multiple Flash clients, but it does not do any routing. Think of it as a simple gateway or bridge between the UDP world of OSC and the TCP world of Flash XMLSockets.