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GPL Flash Library
Developer Olivier Debon
Release 0.4.10
OS Linux
Genre Player
License GPL
Type Open Source
Website GPL Flash Library

GPL Flash Library is a set of source code that allow to play Flash movies. The core of the library is a graphic renderer that is portable is to be re-used in applications that need to play Flash movies. This library comes with those freely redistributable tools:

  • Netscape plugin: Although Macromedia plugin is freely available, it is not freely redistributable. The GPL Plugin is also not compatible with all Flash versions.
  1. Standalone player: To quickly play movies without to start Netscape. Can play movies on root window (suitable for xscreensaver).
  2. KDE screen saver: Cool screen saver that allows to play Flash movies as a KDE screen saver.

GPL Flash Library is also sometimes referenced as Swift Player.

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