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Developer Daniel Fischer
Release 1.12
OS Windows, MacOS, Linux
Genre Generator
License GNU GPL
Type Open Source
Website swfmill Homepage
Documentation swfmill Documentation
Wikipedia swfmill
OSFlash swfmill

swfmill is a command line XML to SWF to XML processor using SWFML, an XML dialect closely modeled after the SWF format. It comes with XSLT capabilities, and a more accessible dialect of SWFML to generate SWF files.

swfmill can be used to generate SWF files that contain library assets for use with MTASC or HaXe. Currently, it can import images (JPEG, PNG), fonts (TrueType), and other SWF files. It can also place assets on the stage, create movieclips with multiple frames, textfields, among other things.

[edit] See also

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