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Flex Compiler Shell (fcsh)
Developer Adobe Systems
OS Windows, MacOS, Linux, BSD
Genre Compiler
License Adobe Flex Compiler Shell Software EULA
Website fcsh at Adobe Labs
Documentation fcsh at Adobe Labs

The fcsh (Flex Compiler Shell) utility provides a shell environment that you use to compile Flex applications, modules, and component libraries. It works very similarly to the mxmlc and compc command line compilers, but it compiles faster than both. One reason is that by keeping everything in memory, fcsh eliminates the overhead of launching the JVM and loading the compiler classes. Another reason is that compilation results (for example, type information) can be kept in memory for subsequent compilations.

This utility is intended to improve the experience of users of the command-line compilers. If you are using Flex Builder, there is no need to use fcsh.

This utility is supported in the Windows and Unix/Linux/Mac environments.