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Release 0.5.4
OS Windows, MacOS, Linux, BSD
Genre Player
License Public Domain
Type Open Source
Website GPLFlash Home
Documentation GPLFlash Wiki

The original GPLFlash project, which was meant to bring GNU/Linux the ability to play Macromedia Flash movies, stalled when Macromedia released a 32-bit binary Flash Player for Linux. Because of that, and because of a lack of development help, the last significant update to GPLFlash was in June 2000. But in the past years there has been a surge in developer interest in the GPLFlash project.

An attempt to rewrite GPLFlash from scratch was started in late 2005, this was GPLFlash2. However this new version using technologies like OpenGL was more ressource hungry than the previous one. Early 2006, this attempt was ditched in favour of Gnash.

Majority of developpers moved on to Gnash, however this new implementation has the same drawbacks than GPLFlash had: it's ressources requirements that prevents it to use on low end machine or embedded systems. That's why GPLFlash wis still worked on and updated.

As annouced last year after most of the GPLFlash developpers leaved the effort in favour of Gnash, GPLFlash is still developped and updated.

The main GPLFlash site is focused on GPLFlash rather than GPLFlash2. The developers still maintain the source in the CVS and try to keep the online documentation for reference only.

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